Introduction: OSI tinkerer and forced Tic Tac Toe player.

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Introduction: OSI tinkerer and forced Tic Tac Toe player.

Post by jondeanmack » Mon May 16, 2016 9:19 am

Hello. I am injured at present so I intend to keep the following short and might not be checking for any replies:

A while ago when I was young I was given (maybe as a sorry gift due to guilt) a OSI (maybe a Challenger III, a picture shows a 4P beige in colour and the one I used was definitely the same beige colour (I was forced to be mentally not correct so my memory is not favourable to those times regarding it being a II)) computer, and I was forced indirectly to play Tic Tac Toe using it. It was sort of use the computer to keep me out of trouble or receive the plastic coat-hanger whipping (or the wooden spoon) for not doing as told, even though being told things like "go to school, you will enjoy it", or "I am not guilty for having two sons" is still wrong today.

The number of times I turned the OSI machine on and off and used it, is maybe a large number!

If I recall correctly, the Ohio Scientific I used had two 8" floppy drives, and also if I recall correctly, it was one with multiple CPU operating systems. I first had to boot one disk then change over to another CPM system before I could use the Tic Tac Toe program. And if I recall correctly the machine I used did not display multiple colours (maybe just a monochrome monitor). I used it after I moved out of the house into a guest flat separate from the house, and remember using it on hot sunny days, with no one else in the flat, to whittle away the time of the horrors of things like being force feed wrong food for me, and other things like doctors taking samples from me (subtractive surgery/a.k.a. murder) instead of additive surgery (even today the local health board are trying to promote subtractive surgery to me).

Anyhow, I played Tic Tac Toe so many times that I learnt how to play it and not lose.

The machine never failed me with a hardware fault.

Kindest regards.

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Re: Introduction: OSI tinkerer and forced Tic Tac Toe player

Post by BillO » Sat May 21, 2016 8:26 pm

Wow :shock:

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