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What happened to Jeff

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:07 pm
by Jeff
I am still lurking on this BBS, but my latest iOS software project has consumed the last 3 years of my life.

If anyone is interested, It made it into the App Store last April. Its called BeLooped. Its a group-centric LIVE contact manager with cross platform chat. It organizes your real-life social and productivity groups. (Almost a mobile Facebook, but without the server and their data-mining!)

My Challenger 1P and 4P are still next to me keeping me company.


Re: What happened to Jeff

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:10 pm
by dave

Glad to see everything's going well. Looks like an interesting project--I hope it gains traction. I like the philosophy of multiple personas, and of charging for value, rather than making money by selling access to users.