WinOSI lives!

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WinOSI lives!

Post by Mark » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:43 pm

Hi OSI'rs,
After a long hiatus the WinOSI Emulator has been updated.

WinOSI can finally run OS65U! Thanks to Mike for the clues WinOSI can now boot, read & write OS65U disk images. OS65U changes disk serial word formats at the start of the track from 8E1 to 8N1 after the track identifier causing bit shit when reading in the wrong format (except for track 0 which is in standard OSI 8E1 format.)

One other change from the old versions is the track size for 8" disks is now $F00 instead of $E00 long to accommodate 65U tracks & the headers. WinOSI will support either size.

The C3dump ( ... program for OSI can read the 65U disks correctly, and also supports transfers via Xmodem-CRC (you can use Xmodem-1K). Hyperterminal supports this as do other terminal programs.

A short list of changes to WinOSI:

Disk R/W support for 65U and 65D.
Keyboard layout editing works.
PC Joystick support
Enhanced debugging (still under construction) allows in-memory editing, disassembly throughout the memory map & unlimited breakpoints.
Drag & drop loading of Checksum & 65V ROM Monitor loading files.
Support for serial console systems (C3OEM etc.) via built-in Hazeltine 1420 emulator.
Emulator IRQ support for OSI serial ports
Emulator to real PC serial port support.
Support for ASCII keyboard systems (OSI400)
Copy & Paste from WinOSI screen(s) to Windows clipboard. (Paste via simulated keyboard presses is somewhat buggy).
Support for external ROMS C2E w/ memory hole, C1 Cegmon.
Directory listings for 65D and 65U disks in File Open dialog, as well as creation of new disk images.
Decoding of X10 commands (visible in WinOSI 1.5.3+)
Built-in detokenizer for BASIC programs - export OSI programs directly to text.
Export memory dumps as binary, hex, checksum, or disassembly
CPU speed is saved between sessions
... and lots more.

Comments/Suggestions/Enhancements welcome!


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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by Klyball » Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:04 pm

Wow! i took it for a spin and it it awesome,

Is there a way to break point on memory access?

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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by nama » Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:57 am

This is fantastic news.
I was planning to download it last weekend, but work became all consuming. This weekend I'll give it a spin.

Thanks for all the hard work.
Having tools like this makes osi life much more enjoyable and easier.


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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by bxdanny » Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:43 pm

After being away from this board (and not in good health) for several months, I finally logged back in and saw this new version of WinOSI.

Quite an impressive set of changes. The most welcome is the ability to run 65U. The cut-and-paste from screen to clipboard is also much appreciated. The opposite (paste from clipboard) would be nice too. I realize why it's not really possible when emulating a polled keyboard system, but it should be doable with the simulated serial terminal or parallel keyboard, which are other nice additions to the program.

But with so many additions, many not fully done, the whole thing actually has a more "unfinished" feel than the earlier version (1.3). The biggest problem is that some keystrokes are missed. The keyboard mapping is nice, but not essential; if it is slowing down the keyboard decoding to the point of missing keys, it is better to drop it. I thought it might just be that 65U was less responsive, but I'm pretty sure I saw it happen at least once under 65D as well.

Finish the implementation of the emulated Hazeltine terminal. The most important thing that needs to be added is non-destructive forward-space on receipt of the appropriate code (0x10). This would allow the 65U Editor to work. The other functions listed in the "CRT 0" file (cursor addressing capability, and clear to end-of-line and end-of-screen) would be nice too but are less urgent. And characters with bit 7 set must not be ignored; the result of doing so is that currently, the second character of error messages is dropped completely, making a syntax error display as "?S ERROR", for example. And the green screen of the terminal is annoying; add options to make it white or amber.
For those with large enough screens, add a display option (for the emulated 540) of magnifying the screen 3x vertically, but only 2x horizontally. This would give the displayed letters an aspect ratio approximating that found on a real 540 display.
On the C1P emulation, add an output port at $D800 which will switch the screen between 32x32 and 64x16 modes. IIRC, bit 0=1 means 64x16, and a system reset returns to 32x32. This will allow either 65D 3.2 or 65D 3.3 to be booted, with the screen configuring itself automatically.
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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by MK14HAK » Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:40 am

the whole thing actually has a more "unfinished" feel
This is a beta release from Mark as he states and released meantime to enable 65U boot in response to queries regarding this. And yes
Quite an impressive set of changes.
and I believe more to come.
I would like to see AY3-8910 emulation as an addition.
I have a small mod that allows easier polled keyboard operation. A SYNMON version is done and will post when the CEGMON one completed also.
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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by Jeff » Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:24 am

Nice work!

Any thoughts of porting it to Mac?


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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by dave » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:34 am

Both the old and new versions of the emulator appear to run perfectly on OS X under Wine. That requires downloading and installing the wine package from WineHQ. Here's the link:

Mac download:

You'll also have to install the XQuartz library.

I use the command line to launch, by navigating to the emulator directory and typeing "wine W_OSI.exe". But I believe that Wine will automatically associate with .exe files, so you should be able to navigate to the emu directory with the Finder, and double-click W_OSI.exe, and run it. On my machine, Parallels commandeers the extension, so if I double-click Parallels runs it, also perfectly.


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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by bxdanny » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:42 pm

It seems that paste from the clipboard is in fact included, and actually is too easily triggered. It happens when I am not trying to paste anything, just clicking in the emulator window to reselect it. I'd suggest putting this function in a menu, not triggering it by clicking in the window. (And if it has anything to do with causing the dropped keystrokes, getting rid of it until that can be fixed.)

Anyway, I've been playing around with trying to get the 65U EDITOR to work with the emulator, and I managed to do it. The trick is, instead of sending a series of one or more codes to cause a non-destructive forward space, just echo whatever character is under the cursor at the moment, the result is indistinguishable.

I created a small file containing lines to be merged into the EDITOR program to get this to work. To use it:

-Start the emulator in C8PDF mode, using a COPY of the OS-65U disk image. Select 5 and type UNLOCK to get to a prompt.
-Select "Attach Serial Input File" from the File menu and enter EDPATCH.BAS (or whatever name you saved it under).
-Type in POKE 11668,1 to switch input to the serial port. The program lines will be merged with the resident program, then input will switch back to the keyboard.
-Save the modified program by typing SAVE"EDITOR","PASS"
-RUN the program.

The patched EDITOR will work in both video (C8PDF) and serial (C3-OEM) modes. (Use control-backspace to send a DELete code in serial mode.) But in video mode, use only the LEFT control key. Using the RIGHT control key on the PC keyboard causes the emulator to lock up! That can be fixed, though, by selecting Keyboard under Options/System Configuration, double-clicking on Ctrl, and then pressing the right Control key. Save the keyboard layout as Default, and from then on, both Control keys can be used.
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Re: WinOSI lives!

Post by RichLeary » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:19 am


I have been trying the 1.5.2 version and it is a pretty nice package. Thanks for the good work!

One problem so far. After I configure the emulator for my software (DOS/65) I run into an interesting situation. If I do a hard or soft reset my software will not run. Actually my MONITOR runs just fine but the actual OS boot fails. However if I exit the emulator then restart it all is well. It is as if the resets are not initializing something that the restart does initial

The other issue is the serial port. I really do not understand what capability is provided. I want to use the serial port as the XMODEM ports for transfers in and out So far I can not seem to get it to work. Hints would be appreciated.



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Re: WinOSI DF/DT errors?

Post by MK14HAK » Thu May 26, 2016 8:06 am

My floppy media version of Hexdos4 boots fine. I can load a directory and it displays the filenames and tracks correctly. Problem is I cannot load files by "filename" . Result- ? DF error
All files load by track OK. Tried different step rates @ $04ED - no joy. Save "filename" return - drive starts, system hangs until a key press,then ? DF error. A similar sequence as the load.

So I reverted to WinOSI for testing...

Using an image created the same way with same BASIC ROM and Cegmon configuration, the disk image boots and loads files by "filename" in the earlier version of WinOSI no problem but again I get a different error - DT error but only in WinOSI v1.5.2 ??

Does anyone have a problem with WinOSI 1.5.2 and HexDOS4 filename loads ? DT error :?:

Edit: Using image from bxDanny: HEXASM does not load - ?DT error. But creating and loading a new file does work for a new file (using WinOSI 1.5.2) ???
HEXASM loads OK in earlier WinOSI using the filename method though. ??

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