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My Superboard experience

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:19 am
by __Thomas Owen
Hello Everyone,
I purchased my first 600 back in '79 and immediately starting making modifications to it. First of course was the 1 to 2 mhz mod. I then set about changing the display to a 48x24 and that was a real challenge. There were so many cut traces and wires it was unbelievable. But, it worked.

I then purchased the 610, floppy drive and OS65D.
It was probably '81 when I left OSI and bought my first Apple and I did not do anything with the OSI for 25 years.

I recently got the system out and unfortunately I had cannibalized so many of the components that it will be impossible to get it working again.
I found a 600/610 combo 2 years ago on eBay that had a pile of documentation and was completly stock - no mods at all, so I bought it.
Over the last 2 years I picked up the C1P floppy drive enclosure and was fortunate enough to get a OS65D Master disk (V3.1).

Amazingly, I can now boot the system and I have made some disk copies. I even typed in 'Lunar Lander' and that brought back some memories!

If someone has a system and needs a boot disk, let me know.

Also, if you want a good laugh i will post a picture of my old Superboard. I forgot to mention that the last mod was to separate the keyboard from the rest of the circuit board and mount it in a separate enclosure. That added a lot of jumper wires!
Regards -

Re: My Superboard experience

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:19 am
by __dave
Cool. I had a C2-4P with tons of mods, including a mod to add 256x512 pixel graphics, which could be off, ANDed, OR'ed, or XOR'ed with the character display; the timing was derived directly from the timing chain on the 540 board, as were the address lines. I recently dug the system out, but will need to do some work to boot it. I bought a C1 for $100 on ebay recently, and plan to wire in a 470 card and a 32K chip for similar functionality to the 610 card. I could certainly use a floppy. Better, if you have the capability for dumping the floppy to a hex file, I will post it in the files section.

Re: My Superboard experience

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:20 am
by __Thomas Owen
Dave - tell me how to dump the disk to a hex file and I will do it.

Here are a couple of pictures of my first 600. Note that I sawed off the keyboard and then ran all the wires to a db25 (ribbon cable. The keyboard was in a separate enclosure.

Re: My Superboard experience

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:21 am
by __dave
Cool hack. I've not seen the 600 keyboard removed before.

There are a number of ways to dump a disk One way is to manually load the tracks to memory using the OS65D EXAM command, then use the extended monitor S command to save the tracks to the serial port (hooked up to your PC). An easier way is to use These tools to dump the disks to your PC. You can either provide a link to the binaries, or email them to me, and I will post them.

If I had a working system, I would be happy to dump the disk for you, but at the moment I don't. Some repairs are in order first.