C1P items on EBay

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C1P items on EBay

Post by lowrybt1 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:37 pm

I'll be listing for sale some C1PMF items on Ebay in the next few days: my Ebay seller ID is thomas_blu

Set of original OSI BASIC ROMS -- working, pulled from a 600 RevB
CARGEN V1 ROM -- working, pulled from a 600 RevB
OSI C1PMF 5.25 floppy drive case. No floppy drive, just the case. PSU has been pulled. It works but who would want an old PSU?

In a week or two, I'll be listing an OSI C1P case (no PSU, just the metal case) for sale.
I've been thinking of desoldering the keys off of an old 600B board. Would there be a market for these: individually or as a set?
C4PDF w. 24K, 2 x 5.25 MPI B-51 drives
C1P RevB with fully-populated 610 board and A-13. Klyball D-13.
Spares: 600 Rev.D, 610 board, 540A, A-13 with homebuilt data separator, MPI B-51 logic board (w/o data sep module) and mechanicals

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Re: C1P items on EBay

Post by BillO » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:03 pm

I'd take the shift-lock key and the space bar key cap + balance bail (the metal lever that allows off-center use of the space bar.).

Is the 600B not working?
Box stock Superboard II Rev. B
KLyball replica 600D, replica 610 & KLyball Data Separator
OMS SBME and SBME+ memory cards
KLyball memory card

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Re: C1P items on EBay

Post by Jeff » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:55 pm

I will be bidding on the cases, when they are posted!


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