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SOLD--Challenger II and spare parts, lots of documents

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 2:55 am
by OSI
I have my ex-husband's Challenger II computer including original vinyl covers, 2 extra disc drives (Siemens, 100-8), an extra power supply (Sunny International USA), lots of 8" floppys (haven't counted, but probably 50-75), and tons of documentation (whole box of Peek 65, 'Ohio Scientific Challenger II and Challenger III a Preliminary Manual', 'Assembler and editor and Extended Monitor Reference Manual (C1P, C4P, and C8P)', 'OS-65D Disk Operating System', OSI tutorial disc set (set of 6: 5 with tutorials, one blank disc), '65D Tutorial and Reference Manual, August 1981', March 1979 OSI Retail Price List, 'Model 430B Super I/O Board', 'Siemens OEM Floppy Disk Drive FDD 100-8 manual, vol 1, and vol 2 for Models A and B (I have two of each of these), 'WP6502 Operations Manual Version 1.3 (OS65D)', 'OSI basic in ROM', 'OSI-Microsoft Basic Assembly Source Listing, 'OSI Computer Boards 470 (Floppy), 505 Rev. A, 510 Rev. C, 520 Rev. B, 520 Rev. C, 525, 527, 535, 550, 555, 590, 592, 594 Challenger II and III Series', 'OSI Computer Boards 502, 505, 527, 540 & 542' , 'OSIFORTH Version 1.0', 'Hayden Software Sargon II Computer chess Program' , 'PIMS: Personal Information Management System(SCELBI Publications)).
There is also a spare board but I don't know what it is. I'd like this to go to someone who will appreciate it, and not to the dump. If anyone is interested or wants to see photos, please email me at

Re: Challenger II and spare parts, lots of documents

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:01 pm
by dave
Hi, and welcome. I sent you an email.


Re: Challenger II and spare parts, lots of documents

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:03 am
by MK14HAK
Welcome. Santa ?