Forth for OSI

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Forth for OSI

Post by lowrybt1 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:28 am

I have come upon a copy of FORTH on 8” disk -- part of a batch of disks I bought a while ago. Would like to share an image of it. Is there a resource out there that explains step-by-step how I can make an image and write it over to my PC using RS-232?
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Re: Forth for OSI

Post by Mark » Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:10 am

On the tools page @ you can find the C1-C4 Dump program & source.

The readme included in the archive has the following:

This is an OSI dump utility for OSI C1/C4 systems with disks.
This program is loaded via the OSI 65V ROM monitor.
Transfer can be as ASCII HEX dump or XMODEM-CRC binary dump.
Requires 8K of working RAM and a serial connection to transfer data.

Basic Operation:
Connect the OSI C1/C4 system to a PC via a serial cable. Ensure
you have the correct baud rate for your system (9600 baud?) and 8bit
no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. (This assumes your OSI has
been modified to use RS-232.)

Reset the OSI system. You should see the C/W/M? prompt. Choose 'M'
to enter the ROM monitor, press 'L' to begin input via serial port.
(remember all OSI commands are upper case)

Begin sending the c4dump.lod file using a RAW ASCII send from the PC.
The C4dump program begins loading at $0400 which is also the entry point for
the program. When the c4dump.lod file ends, it should automatically start,
and display the message "OSI DUMP ON SERIAL NOW". If it does not start,
RESET the OSI, at the C/W/M? prompt enter 'M' then type 0400G.

Once running, the terminal should show the disk program's menu below:

OSI Serial Disk Dump
1. Dump Raw Image
3. Select Drive
4. Set Drive Type
5. Set Serial Divisor
6. Set Xmodem/Hex xfer
7. Exit

Drv=A/5.25 Baud@1x Hex

C4Dump usage:
The options are as follows:
1 - dumps the selected disk image in HEX or as XMODEM/CRC as selected
3 - select disk drive A - D (1 - 4)
4 - select either 8" (79 track) or 5.25" (40 track) disk drive type
5 - program the ACIA clock divisor, either normal (/16) or fast (/1)
divide by 1 allows you to transfer a disk image at 4800baud on a machine
wired for 300 baud (300x16).
6 - Set desired transfer mode XMODEM or HEXADECIMAL. When using HEX you will
need to convert the resulting data into binary using a program like deHex.
Xmodem transfers binary images, no additional processing is needed.

Once you have selected the appropriate options for your setup, enter '1' and begin
receiving data with your terminal program.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Forth for OSI

Post by MK14HAK » Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:21 am

Awesome upgrade Mark.
Just 4 min to dump a 5.25 with the Xmodem binary mode is great now I have my 502 up to 4800.
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